Thursday, 30 December 2010

Crazy January Challenge 2011

Ok so I heard about this challenge on the Cross Stitch Forum and decided despite my growing pile of WIPs I wanted to get involved! As there's likely to be a lot of photographs and updates involved in this challenge I created this spanking new blog to record it all.

Took me aaaaages to pick out 15 patterns to stitch but I finally got there, I'm not going to post photos at this stage, it will spoil the surprise :P

My chosen patterns (not necessarily in order!):

1) HAED SAL - Blue Rose Fairy
I signed up for this SAL on the Heaven and Earth Designs Bulletin Board which is due to be completed this year, just waiting on my fabric so hope it turns up soon!

2) Bog Off sampler by Kell at Kincavel Crosses
Love Kell's subversive designs, I'm stitching 2 of them as part of this challenge :D

3) Blackwork Robot - my own design
I've wanted to give blackwork a go for a while now and made a little robot design which I hope will become a nice bookmark once finished.

4) Super Mario Brothers sampler - my own design
Bit of a geek here so can't wait to get going on this one!

5) Buzzing Around Biscornu - Barbara Ana Designs
Barbara Ana is one of my fave designers at the moment, cute and colourful, and lots of biscornus!

6) One Drink Woman by Kell at Kincavel Crosses
This *needs* to be on my kitchen wall ;)

7) Whatever - Subversive Cross Stitch (Julie Jackson)
A little piece for my desk in work hehe!

8) At the Bottom of the Garden - Cross Stitcher December 2010
Gorgeous little toadstool pin cushion which I'd really like to stitch

9) A bib for my friend's new baby, not decided on a motif yet!

10) Beatrix Potter Growth Chart
Need to order my fabric for this one, hoping it will be a 1st birthday pressie for the above mentioned baby!

11) Beyond Cross Stitch - Rhodes Stitch - The Victoria Sampler
12) Beyond Cross Stitch - Scotch Stitch - The Victoria Sampler
13) Beyond Cross Stitch - Rice Stitch - The Victoria Sampler
I bought these three little kits years ago at a show so that I could learn some new techniques and never stitched them so I thought this challenge would be the perfect opportunity!

14) Hardanger Frame Kit - DMC
Never tried hardanger before but seeing some pieces on the Cross Stitch Forum has really inspired me to give it a go, bought this kit at the same time as the Victoria Sampler ones so time to get it done and out of my stash!

15) Owlscornu - Barbara Ana Designs
Cute cute cute! and owls are my favourite :)

So there we have it, I'm mostly kitted up and ready to go so bring it on! Many updates to follow....