Friday, 14 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge 2011 - Project 13 Progress

Didn't get much done on project 13 as I was working on finishing another one for a friend (details in a separate post).

I've made a change to my planned design as I can't bear to stitch another one of those sappy ornaments lol! Instead I'm doing Love Miniature by Agnes Delage-Calvet. I wanted a design where I could try out some of my new threads and fabric and I'm very pleased so far with the colours I've chosen:

I'm a bit behind on my posting thanks to a late night last night and it being my birthday today so now is the first chance I've had to sit down for a few minutes! I'm going out again tonight so I dont think I'll get much of a start on Owlscornu, my next project, but I'm determined to get a few stitches into it!

Also I got £30 Hobbycraft vouchers for my birthday today so I get to have another stash spree! So excited :D

Back later or tomorrow morning with today's project progress, kind of sad the new starts phase is coming to an end tomorrow but I've got lots of lovely things to finish now and it will be nice to work on something for longer than one day at a time, my HAED SAL is calling me!