Friday, 7 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge 2011 - Project 6 Progress

Today I started another of my own designs, a Mario Brothers sampler! I've been really excited about this and can't wait to see it done, didn't manage to do as much as I would have liked tonight unfortunately due to computer game distractions hehe!

Here is what the design will look like when it's finished

And here is my progress so far, stitching on 16ct sky blue aida:

I haven't decided yet what tomorrow's project will be, I'll see what mood I'm in when I get home from work :D


Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

It's funny that you were distracted from stitching this by a computer game. :D

I can't wait to start on mine! I finally got the fabric today, although I could only find 14 count light blue aida.

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

hehe! yeah I do get very distracted at times :) I got my aida from Katz Cross Stitch but from her ebay store rather than the website, seems to have a good selection of fabrics.

diaryofadomesticgoddess said... Best Blogger Tips

That is such a cute design - I love it! :)

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! I hope to do more game based designs in the future :D