Saturday, 12 February 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Project 4 Finished (Blackwork Robot!)

Another finish today! This is my own design, a cute little blackwork robot :D

I've wanted to try blackwork for a while because I love the patterns and shapes but didn't see any designs that jumped out at me, one day this little guy popped into my head and here he is all stitched up with little button eyes :)

The pattern is available in my etsy shop (link on the right)

I'm sure he'll have some robot friends before too long because I really enjoyed both designing and stitching him.

Enough talk! here's the piccies :D

Updated January Challenge List
1) HAED SAL - Blue Rose Fairy
2) Bog Off sampler by Kell at Kincavel Crosses
3) Blackwork Robot - my own design
4) Super Mario Brothers sampler - my own design
5) Buzzing Around Biscornu - Barbara Ana Designs
6) One Drink Woman by Kell at Kincavel Crosses
7) Whatever - Subversive Cross Stitch (Julie Jackson) 
8) At the Bottom of the Garden - Cross Stitcher December 2010
9) A bib for my friend's new baby, not decided on a motif yet!
10) Beatrix Potter Growth Chart
11) Love Miniature
12) Beyond Cross Stitch - Scotch Stitch - The Victoria Sampler
13) Beyond Cross Stitch - Rice Stitch - The Victoria Sampler

14) Hardanger Frame Kit - DMC
15) Owlscornu - Barbara Ana Designs


Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool! Nice design and great finish and framing.

Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

He's supercute! I love his button eyes, and the fact that you choose pink for him. I always think of robots as grey or black for some reason, lol :)

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your comments, I love him! I should have given him a proper name I think :D

Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh he's really cute! Great that you designed him yourself as well.
The pink and yellow go great together.