Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Felt Randomness Part 2!

It turns out making tiny useless things out of felt is quite fun! Someone in work saw the first gingerbread man I made and asked if I'd make one so that was my first task of the evening, here he is :D

I then decided to finish the kokeshi doll I started last night, there are a few things I'd do differently for my next version of this, I'm not happy with the face and next time I'll pin the doll to the backing felt before cutting it rather than the other way around but it's still cute!

Last but not least I wanted to make something for my Jack Russell Minnie's collar, so I made this pink "M". It's probably a little on the large side but it looks so sweet on her pink collar and it was an excuse to get the button jar out so I'm happy! I want to make one for my other dog Montie tomorrow :D

I notice that my blanket stitch is getting neater with each piece I make so I'm very pleased with myself today!


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll say your blanket stitch is getting neater! The "M" is so cute (I have a button jar too - in a can, actually - glad someone else has one as well!) and looks beautiful on your dog! I love her model-like over the shoulder pose in the last pic, lol. She must be very patient :)

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! She's so not patient, I was chasing her round with the camera for about 20 minutes to get that pic ;)

She is fairly good about wearing random things though, never tries to pull them off or anything bless her!

The problem I'm having with blanket stitch is what to do when I get to the ribbon bit, I can't see how it works lol, any suggestions? :D

Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

Geez, you'd never know it :) You must've gotten your exercise that day!

Re: the blanket stitch - I think you mean you're having trouble joining the ribbon, is that right? I really don't have any brilliant suggestions with that, unfortunately.

In order to really attach the ribbon securely you're pretty much stuck with plain old whip stitch or running stitch along the ribbon join, as you can't really work blanket over the attachment and still have it secure. From your pick, it looks like you did just what I'd do (and have done for ornaments) - sewn the ribbon between the two layers of felt.

If you add whip or running stitch over it, it provides an extra hold and keeps the colour running all around, but I think you've done a lovely job finishing as it is! The buttons are super-cute and should distract any over-critical eyes from that area anyway, lol :)

Ziggyeor said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute and I like the Black Work Robot you did! He's very cute.