Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hidden Treasure!

Today I've been doing a spot of decluttering, I couldn't believe the stuff I came across and couldn't begin to guess why I'd kept half of it!

A good example - I found a bag full of hair elastics and scrunchies from my long hair days... which ended like 3 years ago!!! Talk about hoarding!

Anyway, I was just about to throw the whole lot in the bin when I noticed the amount of sparkly bits and beads on some of them and I got inspired to do a bit of recycling :D I also found a ton of spare buttons from long gone clothes etc which were hiding in various nooks and crannies of the room, and finally I sorted out my jewellery box, recycling the broken junky pieces.

Look at the end result! All this new stash for free! :D

Here are a couple of my favourite finds from this lot :D

I'm off to gloat over my treasure some more hehe!

Flossy x


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

The cool kids are calling this 'upcycling' these days, and it's all the rage :) I can't bring myself to call it that, but I like recycling beady bits and old jewellery too. I made a necklace once with some beads that were part of a beaded barette that I loved to wear when I was a kid. The beads were only painted plastic, but I loved having a new way to wear them.

Your butterflies look very promising, as do the vintage looking components (I love the heart - it would make a lovely pendant). Best wishes for much creating with your 'new' stash ;)

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

well it will always be recycling for me, I'm not one for buzzwords :D

I'm always last one on the bandwagon! hehe ;)

Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

Me neither :) Usually I'm so far off the bandwagon, in fact, that I'll I see is the dust it kicks up, lol. Just thought you might want to know you're more on 'trend' than you thought :P

Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yum!
Talk about droolfest. I would love to come have a little rummage in that treasure.

Can't wait to see what you create with it all.