Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dylan's Rocket

I've been working on this project for a few weeks now but haven't been able to post about it until now because it was a present for my friend's son's first birthday.

I was debating for ages what to stitch for him and then came up with this rocket design which I decided to do in blackwork using bright shades of blue and some hand dyed threads which I've been itching to use!

I stitched the design on 25ct ice blue Lugana fabric and finished it as a padded wall/door hanging with pretty backing fabric, ribbon and buttons.

Here's a few pics! The pattern will be available in my etsy store soon once I've tidied it up a bit xx



Detail shots - apologies for the shadows in these, it was late and my living room isn't very well lit :(


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

Whoa. Flossy, that's a *ton* of blackwork! It looks marvelous though :) I love the pattern, it's perfect for a little boy; colourful but not too pretty, if you know what I mean. I really like the gold stars on the rocket, and the star beads are the perfect touch! Congrats on your finish!

Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that is absolutely fantastic! He is going to LOVE that!

I adore your cushion, I wish I could be so talented ... did you use your machine?


Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

@Aurelia Eglantine

Thank you :) I gave the present to my friend last night and she was really pleased with it!

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips


I did use the machine to put it together after tacking around the design first, was very nervous doing it though imagining I was going to wreck hours of stitching hehe!

Topcho said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! Love all the different blackwork fills and the cute stars :D

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips


aww thanks! that's why I love blackwork, you can get so much variety into one piece :)