Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Freebie Cross Stitch Owl :)

As a little thankyou to my followers here is a little freebie owl chart for you! If anybody stitches it please email me a pic so I can post it on the blog here :D

Flossy x


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw! He's super-cute! I really like the combination of the turquoise and the pinks; it's really unexpected yet goes together well. Methinks he would make a nice bookmark :)

missy-tannenbaum said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a really neat chart! I love the colors, and the design is cute, too. Thank you for posting it! ^^

Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I did your owl freebie pattern as my second stitching project EVER! I loved it. My results are here: http://pinterest.com/pin/88383211407190968/

I did switch out one color (the purple in the wings) just because of preference, and I screwed up the eyes, but otherwise, I'm thrilled with it!! Thank you for the pattern!