Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunday Crafternoon

I've been quite busy today for a Sunday! Mam came to visit for the afternoon and we spent a few hours doing crafty bits and bobs, I helped her with crochet and she helped me with knitting, the first time I've picked up knitting needles in 15 years! Here is the result of that little lesson, a useless square of stocking stitch :D

We spent some time browsing through craft magazines (with plenty of tea and welshcakes) and decided to try our hand at some cupcake pincushions we found in one mag, being the way we are we didn't follow the instructions at all, just looked at the picture and got on with it! Here are our (lumpy) cupcake pincushions

I'll probably make another one next weekend, I have a few ideas for improving the shape that I'd like to try out but I'm quite pleased overall :)

Last but not least I bought some of those self cover buttons in hobbycraft on Friday so decided to make one of those just to see how it looked, I found some Superman fabric in my stash and here it is!

I had hoped to finish this as a badge but the brooch backs I have don't fit the tiny hole on the button and safety pins won't really work either, has anybody made badges with these before? Could do with some tips!

Anyway that's all for this evening, back to the telly!

Flossy x


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the cupcake pincushions! The pink one looks particularly cute :) I haven't knit in years either - I prefer crochet, but when I started (my Mother taught me too!) I did a *ton* of 'useless stocking stitch squares', lol. Although I started them with the vague idea of a scarf, I made so many that I eventually crocheted them together into a little afghan. It sort of serves as a sampler of my (not very good) first (and currently last!) forays into knitting ;)

As for the pins - I haven't used self-covered buttons as anything other than buttons, but perhaps a glue on pin back might work? This is what I'm thinking of. You can usually find them in with the sewing notions, and you generally use epoxy to attach them. They're very useful for projects that don't take well to conventional findings.

If you want to use the brooch backs you have, you could try one of those cute felt pins that are showing up everywhere these days. There is a quick tutorial here for a circular one - you could attach your fabric button to the front, and maybe whipstitch the edges or something :)

Hope this helps! Love the pretty yarn, BTW.

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips

Some great suggestions! I will look into those and see what I can come up with, thanks! :D

Topcho said... Best Blogger Tips

Love all of these crafts! Can't even pick a favourite!

Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

How great to be able to share an afternoon like that with your mum. :)
I can knit a bit but am finding the tension on crochet so hard to get right.
Love those cupcakes, look great to me!