Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blue Rose Fairy Update

I've been working hard on this one over the past couple of weeks, I'm really enjoying seeing the detail begin to come into it and although I get frustrated with the confetti at times the detail looks so great I can't wait to carry on!

Should be back for another update soon!


Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

At last blogger is letting me comment! LOL

The confetti is well worth it, it's coming on great. Well done.


Aurelia Eglantine said... Best Blogger Tips

My sympathies go out to you, as I cannot stand confetti stitching! It's on my loathe list, actually ;) That said, your stitching is definitely paying off, as the colour changes are looking lovely! Great work :) Can't wait to see more!

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

You've made great progress on this since your last pic! :)