Friday, 8 July 2011

Elephants, Yeah!

Hello! Happy Friday to you all :D

I've had a very chilled evening, lounging around with a glass of wine and my sewing box handy. I've started working on a new range of animal themed felt and fabric brooches, mam and me decided we'd like to do a few craft fairs this year so this is one of my ideas for quick and fabulous products we can make for those! They will also be available in my etsy shop once I'm happy with the designs :)
Here's a sneak preview of one design, an adorable heffalump!

I'd love to know what you think, comments and feedback are always welcome :D

Also... 51 followers!! :O I still find it hard to believe that people enjoy reading my ramblings so I'm really chuffed that I now have this many followers! I shall hold a giveaway to celebrate so keep your eye out for a post on that sometime over the weekend :)

If you're wondering about the title of the post, my friend once linked me this video and now every time elephants are mentioned I get the reply "elephants, yeah?" enjoy!


Topcho said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, fabulous is the word! Love the fabrics, love the design!

Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips


aww thankyou! :D

Lostinblue said... Best Blogger Tips

That is sooo cute!
Great idea to do some craft fairs with this sort of design, I'm sure these would get snapped up.

Lovely work!


Flossy said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks! That's what I'm hoping :D

emma said... Best Blogger Tips

i LOVE his tail its soooooo cute. xx

Rainy Day Crafter said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, he is just adorable! I love the flowery fabric for his ear and the cute tail! And great video too btw :)

Trekky said... Best Blogger Tips

The elephant is lovely! That clip reminded me of one of rathergood's other videos...

I can't think of destinys child without thinking of alf garnett!