Monday, 19 September 2011

Quilted baby blanket... and a happy mushroom!

Sorry for the lack of posts (again) but things have been really busy lately with work and my brother getting married, poor boy!

One of my friends in work is about to have a baby and we threw her a baby shower (does anyone else get an image of it raining babies when you hear this term?). I wanted to make her something because she's always loved the stuff I make so I ordered some funky fabric and came up with this little blanket.

I used 3 different printed cottons and baby blue minky for the back, it's also filled and top stitched along the fabric joins for a nice snuggly feel! I then cut out some whale motifs from the dotty fabric because I thought the middle looked a bit bare.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out, this was my first attempt at quilting/patchwork since school! :O

Mum to be was also thrilled with it which really made my day :)

On another note I decided to try a bit of needle felting on a random whim and ordered myself a little starter kit, and here is the result of my first stab (lol) at it! Happy Mushroom!!!

He still needs a bit of tidying up but look how happy!