Sunday, 15 April 2012

WIPocalypse - April Update

Not much to report this month sadly, as I mentioned in the TUSAL post I have way too much stuff going on at the moment, I have managed some stitching on my new for 2012 projects which I want to share seeing as they are now WIPs too! (like I need any more!)

First of all my progress on Dog Lessons:

And I also signed up for the Chatelaine Mystery this year, I'm quite terrified by the size and complexity of it but it's really enjoyable to stitch and such a treat to work with all the speciality threads <3 here's my progress so far, I'm very much behind due to a massive delay on the supplies order but never mind :)

TUSAL - March 2012 (very very late!)

Ok, it's very late, time is just getting away from me lately, in the middle of an emergency house hunt and big stuff at work which is eating up all my fun time.

Anyway, enough whining, here's my lovely ORT cocktail, now with random ribbony bits!