Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hey there! it's been a while hasn't it? I was surprised to find I still have followers after neglecting my poor blog for so long.

Life has been pretty hectic since I last posted in May, a new house, a new job and a lot of settling in to do! After a long break I finally picked up my needle again over the Christmas holidays and my stitchy bug seems to be back so here's hoping it'll stick around for a while.

I've finally finished Dog Lessons for People, my first finish of the new year!! I bought a wooden thread storage box from ebay at the beginning of last year and it fits perfectly into the lid, I'm very pleased with this one :D


In other news, you may remember my little fox cub project that I finished last year, my oldest ever WIP, well I found a lovely frame for it and gave it to my nan for her birthday, she loved it so much she asked for another wildlife themed stitch in a matching frame for Christmas, well saves me buying the usual smellies and socks! I found a cute squirrel pattern on etsy and luckily Sainsbury's still had the frames in stock so now she has a nice set :)

I also made some progress on the Chatelaine Mystery SAL for 2012 (a year late but hey, I'll get there in the end!). I absolutely love the colours in this design and it's lovely to work with the hand dyed and speciality threads, I'm still on part 1 of 12 so this is going to be a long term project but I can't wait to see more of it stitched up.

Now I need to get back into designing my own patterns which is something I've missed doing but it's nice just to be stitching again :)


tiffstitch said... Best Blogger Tips

Great stitching! And nice to see your blog active again.

Flossy Bobbin said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks Tiff, it's good to be back :)