Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mother's Day Card

This is the first card I've stitched in ages, I don't know why I don't do more of them really, I'd be saving myself some money for a start!

I fancied doing something a bit different for mother's day this year, I'm not really a hearts and flowers person and I'm sure my mam will appreciate the humour :)

Also here's the pattern for anyone who might like their own cute mummy :D

Copyright: Carla Jewell @ Flossy Bobbin.
You may print this design for personal use, you may not sell this design or the finished result.

Colours used are DMC White, 310, 414 and 666.


Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your sense of humour! This really made me laugh. I could never give it to my mom though cause she just wouldn't get the humour, but my son sure would love giving it to me LOL. Too bad he didn't stitch. hehe

EveningEmma said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it!