Saturday, 26 January 2013

WIPocalypse - January 2013

Well I've decided to join in the WIPocalypse fun again this year, it's hosted by Measi and is a great motivator for finishing those long abandoned projects!

For those of you who don't know me I'm Flossy, I'm 33 and I live in South Wales with my partner and two dogs Montie and Minnie

Montie <3

Minnie <3

I've been stitching since my early teens and one or two of my WIPs are that old! I also love reading sci-fi and fantasy, sewing, crochet and playing MMOs.

So I emptied my WIP drawer and photographed everything as it is now and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in, I'm sure there'll be a few new starts along the way too so I'll add those in as and when I get around to them :)

My current WIPs:

This has to be the oldest, I don't stitch anything like this anymore but it was in there so I dutifully photographed it! I think it's called Eeyore's Seasons:

Angel of Summer (L&L), another really old one

This is what I've been working on most of January, Above the Clouds which is a Teresa Wentzler design, here's where I am with it today

My latest new start, the Dessert of the Month SAL from last year by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

This is a free pattern I got from the Anchor website, it will be a tea cosy and was meant for a Christmas present to my Nan 2 years ago *hangs head in shame*

Another old one :) I gave up on this ages ago because the metallic threads were annoying me, I've kept hold of it though so it might get finished!

A pattern I made of my two favourite pokemon :D

My Mario sampler! My brother has requested this one when it's finished so I should really get it done

The HAED SAL from last year, or maybe it was the year before? Blue Rose Fairy

The first HAED chart I ever bought, Hmpf!

The other HAED SAL I joined, around the time that things got hectic for me last year and so this was all I got done, it's an SK, Rapunzel by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A pincushion design I started from Cross Stitcher magazine

A Beatrix Potter height chart I bought to stitch for a friend's little girl, again I don't particularly enjoy cute and cuddly anymore so it got put back in the drawer shortly after starting. I would love to get it finished though

The 2012 Chatelaine Mystery - I love working on this, the threads and colours are gorgeous!

And last but not least Owlscornu by Barbara Ana

Well as you can see I've got my work cut out for 2013, we'll see how far I get! Looking forward to catching up on everyone's January WIPocalypse posts :)

Flossy x

Monday, 21 January 2013

IHSW - January 2013

This weekend was the first IHSW weekend of 2013 and the first one I've actually been able to hermit and stitch for the whole weekend, mostly due to the snow but it was much appreciated stitchy time nonetheless.

For more information on what the IHSW is all about, give the button in my sidebar a clicky :)

I've been working on an old WIP over the weekend, it's a Teresa Wentzler mini kit called "Above The Clouds", I bought this kit in my teens when dragons were awesome, I still love dragons but it's amazing how my stitchy tastes have changed over the years :)

The colours in the design are gorgeous but the kit included aida fabric and all the fractionals mean it's pretty slow going, if I hadn't already done a chunk of it I'd have restarted on evenweave but hey ho.

Here's my last progress pic:

and here's where I am after the weekend's stitching:

I'm kind of fixated on this one at the moment so I'll carry on with it for a little while, I hope you all had a fab stitchy weekend, looking forward to reading everyone's IHSW posts :D

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Song of the Weather SAL - January

When I saw a thread about this SAL on I had to sign up, it's hosted by Mabel Figworthy and it's a hardanger SAL! Mabel's hardanger designs are the nicest I've seen, really fresh and modern and she always uses the most gorgeous colours :)

I've only ever had one hardanger experience before signing up for this, as some of you may remember it was a bit of a disaster so I was a bit nervous about starting it but being able to choose my own materials and having clear directions to follow has made such a difference, I've really enjoyed stitching January's chart, so much so that I did it in one evening which is very unlike me!

I'm stitching on 22 count hardanger using DMC white for the neutral colour and Weeks Dye Works Garnet and Scuppernong.

I haven't decided how I'll finish the design yet, I originally intended to stitch all the squares on the same fabric for framing but I'm thinking I might like to make them into a little book, we'll see what happens :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Totally Useless Stitch A Long 2013

Another year, another TUSAL! I've yet to make it through a whole year but hopefully this year will be different :)

If you're not sure what the TUSAL is all about it's hosted by Daffycat and you can see the details here

Each month at the new moon participants post a picture of their ORT jar, ORTs are all the little leftover threads you get from stitching and when you get a bunch of pretty threads all together they look rather lovely :)

My jar this year is hooge which is probably a bad idea but it was empty so in the ORTs went! here's my January pic:

The jar contains bits of the following projects:

  • Chatelaine Mystery 2012
  • Song of the Weather SAL (I'll make another post on this over the weekend)
  • A biscornu I've started this week
Not a bad start to the year :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hey there! it's been a while hasn't it? I was surprised to find I still have followers after neglecting my poor blog for so long.

Life has been pretty hectic since I last posted in May, a new house, a new job and a lot of settling in to do! After a long break I finally picked up my needle again over the Christmas holidays and my stitchy bug seems to be back so here's hoping it'll stick around for a while.

I've finally finished Dog Lessons for People, my first finish of the new year!! I bought a wooden thread storage box from ebay at the beginning of last year and it fits perfectly into the lid, I'm very pleased with this one :D


In other news, you may remember my little fox cub project that I finished last year, my oldest ever WIP, well I found a lovely frame for it and gave it to my nan for her birthday, she loved it so much she asked for another wildlife themed stitch in a matching frame for Christmas, well saves me buying the usual smellies and socks! I found a cute squirrel pattern on etsy and luckily Sainsbury's still had the frames in stock so now she has a nice set :)

I also made some progress on the Chatelaine Mystery SAL for 2012 (a year late but hey, I'll get there in the end!). I absolutely love the colours in this design and it's lovely to work with the hand dyed and speciality threads, I'm still on part 1 of 12 so this is going to be a long term project but I can't wait to see more of it stitched up.

Now I need to get back into designing my own patterns which is something I've missed doing but it's nice just to be stitching again :)