Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WIPocalypse - March 2013

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I've managed to stitch on a few projects this month as well as stitching a mother's day card despite work keeping me way too busy and lots of lazy non-stitching days thrown in.

I did a bit more work on the cottage tea cosy and now all the stitching is complete, just back stitching to go



I also worked on Psyduck and Slowpoke, the best pokemon in my opinion :)



And I worked on my Chatelaine, Deep Blue Sea which I love <3



I had really hoped for a finish or two since the last check-in but I've been lacking the motivation, still hoping to finish something by the end of the month and with a nice long weekend coming up it should happen, I'm really feeling the urge to start something new but I'm determined to wait until I finish something!

Looking forward to catching up on everyone else's WIPocalypse updates :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

IHSW - March 2013

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I didn't hermit and stitch as much as I would have liked this month. It was the final weekend of the six nations rugby and the deciding game between Wales and England so of course I had to get myself to the pub to support Wales ;)

I then spent most of Sunday regretting all those pints of San Miguel I so enjoyed at the time and therefore missed out on a whole day's stitching :(

Nevertheless I did get some work done on another old WIP of mine, a tea cosy design which is an Anchor freebie. I started stitching this probably 2 years ago as a Christmas present for my Nan so I'm hoping I'll finally have it ready for her this year.

Here's where I started on Friday:

And here's where I finished up on Saturday:

Hope you all had a great IHSW, can't wait to read your updates :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

TUSAL - March 2013

Late again! work is taking over this week :)

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Here's my jar this month:

In my jar this month:

  • Song of the Weather SAL - March
  • Woodland Sampler SAL - March
  • Chatelaine 2012 mystery - Deep Blue Sea
  • Psyduck and Slowpoke (mainly Slowpoke!)
Happy stitching :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mother's Day Card

This is the first card I've stitched in ages, I don't know why I don't do more of them really, I'd be saving myself some money for a start!

I fancied doing something a bit different for mother's day this year, I'm not really a hearts and flowers person and I'm sure my mam will appreciate the humour :)

Also here's the pattern for anyone who might like their own cute mummy :D

Copyright: Carla Jewell @ Flossy Bobbin.
You may print this design for personal use, you may not sell this design or the finished result.

Colours used are DMC White, 310, 414 and 666.