Saturday, 13 April 2013

TUSAL - April 2013

For more information on the Totally Useless Stitch Along (TUSAL) click the button in my sidebar and head over to Daffycat's blog.

Here's my jar this month:

In my jar this month:

  • Woodland Sampler - April
  • Psyduck & Slowpoke
  • Cottage Tea Cosy
  • HAED - Hrmpf!
  • L*K Halloween Sampler
This is the most ORT's I've ever had in a jar, hope I can keep it up the rest of the year :)

Happy stitching! x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stitchy Update!

Hello there :)

I thought I'd do a bit of an update to help organise myself, my thoughts have been so scattered the last couple of weeks I'm finding it difficult to focus on anything which means my stitching, among other things, is all over the place!

First of all I did get a couple of finishes following my WIPocalypse post, both the teacosy and Psyduck and Slowpoke are now finished, they just need finishing!

I've also made a new start, Lizzie Kate's mystery halloween sampler which I signed up for last year, here's my progress so far :)

It's lovely to stitch, I like that it's made up of lots of little motifs so it's like having constant mini finishes, I also love working with Weeks Dye Works thread, a little bit of luxury :D

In other news I'm keeping up with my 2 SAL's, here's Woodland Sampler with April complete:

April is a Jackalope (I didn't have a clue what one was until I googled!) very cute and quick to stitch

Song of the Weather is going well although I haven't stitched April yet, I don't have the concentration for hardanger at the moment but I'm hoping this will improve by the weekend.

I pulled out an old WIP to start on tonight, Gold Collection Petites Pegasus and Colt. I took a look at my progress, quite a bit of stitching done, but I came to the conclusion that this one will never get finished. I've never thrown a project away before, this will be the first time I've done it but the ribbony stuff I have to stitch with is such a massive pain, it looks awful and lumpy on the fabric next to the cross stitches done in stranded cotton, I tried a few times with it but I can't get it to look nice. I also don't even like the design anymore, I think because I've had such a hard time with it more than anything else, so as much as it pains me I've decided to let this one go and at least I'll have one less ancient WIP to worry about.

Have any of you thrown a project away unfinished? I feel terribly guilty!

So, here's my plan of action to get myself back on track:
  • Go frame/felt shopping and spend a day finishing my finishes!
  • Spend some time organising my stash - I need to be ruthless and ebay the stuff I know I will never stitch, this will be my thread fund for future projects as I have a ton of lovely charts waiting to be stitched.
  • Start getting some of my designs into PC Stitch - I'll spend ages with my pencil and graph paper and work out a design, only to have it sit there forever more! time to start properly charting them!
The need to do these things has been on my mind a lot and I think if I get them out of the way I can get back to important stuff like stitching. Here's hoping I get plenty of free time this weekend :D