Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stitchy bug is back!

Although I have been stitching off and on I can feel the obsession coming back in force now. Although the motivation is still lacking, my pace is picking up a bit and I'm spending hours looking at potential stash online *sigh*

Anyway I had a look through my WIP drawer last week and photographed my progress on all my current projects, here we go:

Song of the Weather SAL - Mabel Figworthy
This started in January last year, I kind of stopped stitching in July so it's only half done, six squares to go

Summer Tree of Stitches SAL - The Stitch Specialists
Again I started well but haven't managed to progress beyond part 4 of 12

Angel of Summer - Lavender & Lace
I didn't really get much progress on this one last year, I probably wouldn't choose to stitch this now but I don't dislike it enough not to finish it, I think it's the fabric that's putting me off, it's stitched on aida which I tend to avoid now.

A water themed biscornu
This is my own design, I've stitched the first side but then decided I might want to do something different on the back so it's sat unfinished until inspiration hits me :)

Deep Blue Sea - Chatelaine 2012 SAL
Again little or no progress on this last year, I love it a lot so I really want to get stuck in this year

Hmpf! - HAED
Got one page finished on this last year after restarting it to switch to tent stitch, I hope to get a few more pages complete this year

Mario Sampler
I really don't know why I haven't finished this, I seem to have a problem stitching my own designs which is weird, I think this is what puts me off designing more, I love to design them but not to stitch them!

Dessert of the Month - Frosted Pumpkin
Barely started this one but the designs are nice and small so I'll try and stitch one each month this year.

Another unfinished biscornu
Again one of my own designs, I think I'm going to have to find someone to stitch my designs for me! this is getting ridiculous :)

So that's all my WIPS, just before Christmas I stitched this as a gift for my parents, Welcome to the Nuthouse by Waxing Moon Designs, hooray! a finish!

And this is what I've been working on this year so far:

Woodland Sampler (Frosted Pumpkin) - August, September and October completed

And not that I needed it but I've joined another SAL, the Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks Halloween Town SAL (Facebook group). This is part 1 completed



Tiffany Pincombe said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on already completing the first part of the AAN SAL! I've only got to some of 154, still below the eyes. :)

I love your designs, don't stop!! The Mario Sampler is still one of my absolute favourite stitches.

Flossy Bobbin said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tiffany Pincombe

Thanks Tiffany that's really nice to hear :) I will persevere even if I am very slow with them!

Shebafudge said... Best Blogger Tips

You have got some lovely designs on the go. I hope you find some inspiration to work on them all. xx